Upcycling – Road Studios

Éilis Ní Fhaoláin art_resadance-1-of-1-2 Tony here at the studios is great for sourcing  free materials. I arrived in one day and he showed my a pile of SALE signs.Chucked in a skip. They were from BHS when it had been closed down.  I had been thinking of the shopping culture here in Liverpool and how a lot of women (and little girls!) brandish their handbags dramatically on their arms. It struck me as apt to make a handbag from these ‘50% off ‘  placards I made it instantly, almost , using just the card and masking tape. I developed it further over the next few days into a more substantial (but light) piece.   Beginning to miss my family more. My younger daughter , Úna , has just started a new course and I would love to here how her first days are as she arrives in. Sam , my husband , has started back teaching for the year so its a full on time for him. We try to talk each evening. I would like to snuggle my three cats as well. I am told they are missing me too (the cats) .  Do they feel the time pass ? I feel as if I spend a lot of valuable time on buses , especially when I just want to get down to work. Everything is a lot nearer in Cork. All the same , I am here , and I am getting valuable headspace to get some ideas together and to make some work.