Sticking Point – Road Studios

Éilis Ní Fhaoláin Back to Liverpool and into the studio. The stick piece is developing well. I have been documenting it at different stages, like it’s ‘how to operate on a branch.’ Its thoroughly absurd  , but at the same time , so many connotations and co-incidences are occuring. It looks like a broomstick…ok …forget that for a minute …but its a broom too. Domestic stuff again and I am cutting it up to put it away and then put it together again…and here’s me …away from my domestic situation. My nest. With all that comes the decision of how to display the documentation. Initially I thought to go the beaten track and mount good images in mount board- but that’s not me! That has no relevance to all these thoughts that have been connecting while I have been working on the piece.  I went searching.