Kathryn Chew

A fine art student currently studying at the university of Oxford with a focus on landscape painting. Often working on acrylic on board to create landscapes of varying sizes, ranging from small A4 pieces to 8ft long scenes. Her work is often supported with sketches, prints, and photography exploring fine details of both landscapes and botany to allow for a degree of accuracy in the composition of her pieces. The compositions feature minimal human interference to highlight the raw beauty of the natural world, often showcasing trees, to draw attention to the significance of natural forms in their purest state. Her current works are exploring the idea of colonised landscapes and trying to show the beauty and importance of those places without the influence of the colonial office, highlighting their significance within the world prior to the introduction of industry. Drawing inspiration from the writings of Sir Arthur Grimble she is currently exploring the landscapes of the Pacific Islands, specifically focusing on the Kiribati Islands and their botanical forms, creating paintings and drawings highlighting the range of forms and tones that can be seen across these unmarred landscapes. She also has an interest in human anatomy having studied it closely for the past year and uses it to influence her attention to detail in other parts of her practice. chew-5-of-6 chew-6-of-6 chew-4-of-6 chew-3-of-6 chew-2-of-6 chew-1-of-6