Day Off – Backwater Studios

Eimear Kavanagh 16/09/2016 20160913_195250-1   Day off yessssssss! Pottered around in the house all morning, catching up with the chores, the washing and cleaning etc. It’s so nice to do that, it helps me to feel at home. The windows open, radio is on, incense is burning and the freezer defrosting. The weather’s doing it’s thing outside. Fish has been fed. Funny, although I’m not in studio, I am still obsessing about ideas all the time. It’s so hard to switch off. Mindful of the voice in my head and the continuous thinking. It’s as if I am still working. I’m seeing the shapes and colours I am using in everything all around me, everywhere I go. A nice reflection back at my thoughts. I am getting this feeling all the time that a friend of mine (who I lost when I was around eighteen) is watching over me. It’s weird, why here? It’s lovely! He keeps popping into my head for no reason, and three times when I’ve been out and about in Cork, I have heard a B52’s song play which has always reminded me of him (Thank you for joining me on this trip Macky, I love you). 20160918_075903