Back Home from Home – Backwater Studios

Eimear Kavanagh 24/09/2016, Cork Yesterday I packed up my artwork ready for the travelling show. It was soooooo amazing to do this, the end of an intense creative project – always feels great to wrap up. When you finally wash out the colour palletes and throw away all the rubbish that’s been getting under your feet for weeks. There’s still lots to do in my last few days here, now gotta put the hours in on the computer promoting show, writing statement etc. Sam came by asking me if I wanted to see some pics of Éilis’ work she was producing at Road Studios, I was like NOOOO!!!!!! No no noooooo!!!! Don’t wanna see yet! I think it’s time for Éilis to return now, Sam’s looking a bit more and more forlorn as the weeks have gone by. There’s no better place than Ireland to bring me awareness and appreciation of where I come from and where I am going.  I love to seek ways of exploring and celebrating the world I live in. There’s something about here that makes me feel a strong connection with my heart, the land and skies, night time and day break. Something stirs up within me which brings up past. I remember when I went to see the Dubliners in England when I was in my late teens, and I cried the whole way through, and couldn’t even explain to myself why I was crying. It feels like a bit of a whirlwind the past few weeks. I feel like I’ve been in this big massive time warp. I’m not sure I can even properly digest it till I’m back in Liverpool. After a lifetime of visiting my Ireland I’m just over the moon that I finally got to produce some artwork here. I’m not finished. Barely even started. 20160913_105524-1 20160920_113429 20160923_140438