Feels Like Home… Backwater Studios

Eimear Kavanah 18/09/2016, Cork Did me the world of good taking that time out. Felt so fresh in studio today it was so lovely. I have been really getting into a lucid dreaming meditation at night, which has had me waking up with ideas every morning. I’m starting to not feel like a visitor anymore, like I live here. That makes me not want to leave. Annoyingly it feels like I’m starting to get into the swing of things with the artwork, like as if its taken this time to settle in. I really could do with another month. I would love to see where that’d take me with my work. I still don’t know really, it’s so just at the beginning of something but I know I am starting to really enjoy the feel of it.   19/09/2016, Cork I’d really love to buy some tubes of browns/greys gouache paint to start some work which resembles the streets and houses. I’m seriously at the end of my money. Today I compromised by buying sheets of paper in those colours instead of the paints. Well it wasn’t quite the same, but nice try. It never fails to amaze me how high is the cost of living here. I wonder about the people on low income – how on earth do they survive? Being away from home makes you realise the things you should be grateful for. Money goes a much longer way at home. Liverpool feels kind to me as an artist.20160918_162026 20160925_134750