Connection by Jake Gourley

Road Studios in connection with Art in Windows presents Connection by Jake Gourley. 21st March -15th April Road Windows Gallery 65- 69 Victoria Street L1 6DE Liverpool Connection Every day I take the 437 bus to and from my art studio. On my journey(s), I observe the other passengers who, like me, will try and isolate themselves within the public, often crowded, circumstances, through the social ‘security’ of their mobile phones or other handheld devices. With often limited means, I attempt to discretely capture these people on paper, whilst being aware that my gaze may be caught in the act of invading the invisible social barrier that technology has created for them. Therefore, unlike a mere fly on the wall, I am implicated in the subject matter; I am one of the passengers who are all involved in this game of trying to avoid the gaze of everyone else. These quick, shaky drawings later become the subject matter for my paintings, which attempt to convey this stealthy interchange of fleeting glances within the bus. Largely figurative, my work combines classical representation with a modern eye for abstraction. With areas of illusion set aside geometric sections of colour, I attempt to unite elements from the classical European tradition and the Modern Era. As an artist, I am interested in how people interact with images, both now and how they have done through history. Regardless whether the image is a photograph or a painting, a selfie or your own reflection in a mirror, images have a power over us in ways of which we are rarely aware. Interested in Greco-Roman antiquity, I have related this to the myth of Narcissus, which tells the story of the ill-fated character who falls desperately in love with his own reflection, a mere image.